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Format & FAQ

Updated for the 2013 Race to Cyprus (Dec 2012)

Gtour In A Nutshell

  • UK Amateur golf tour for all golfers
  • All events are 3/4 stableford
  • Welcome gifts to all tour rookies from Aim-Mate
  • 2 competitive flights Eagle flight for Cat 1 & 2 golfers (0 – 12.4) Birdie flight for Cat 3 & 4 golfers (12.5 +)
  • Places 2 – 21 in each flight on OOM qualify to compete at 2 day semi final in November (40 golfers in total)
  • Top 5 from each flight at UK semi final qualify to compete in 3 night 2 round grand Final at Aphrodite Hills Resort Cyprus in January 2013 (includes Accommodation and golf)
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For more info, read below

What is The Gtour?

The Gtour is a UK amateur golf tour for social and serious golfers alike. Open to Club and Non club golfers (terms apply)

Where will The Gtour take part?

Please see the 2013 Race to Cyprus events page for a full list of events.

What is the qualifying competition format?

All The Gtour qualifying rounds are Stableford comps played off 3/4 handicaps (please see details on handicaps below) Points are awarded based on your finishing position (please see details on order of merit below). After the final qualifying event in October 2013 the top person in each flight automatically qualify for the Grand Final plus places 2 – 21 (must have 3 rounds) in each flight continue to the UK semi Final at De Vere Belton Woods in November 2013. (places not taken by the top 21 will be released to those in the buffer zone, to a max 20% off the cut ie upto 25th place in their respective tier)

Whats are the competitive flights

For 2013 we will be introducing 2 competitive flights to make the format fairer for all standards of golfer. The Eagle flight is for golfers whose full handicap is either Cat 1 0r Cat 2 (0 – 12.4 hcp) and the Birdie flight is for golfers whose full handicap is either Cat 3 or Cat 4 (12.5 +) Prizes will be awarded at each event for the leaders in each flight.

The top player in each flight after the final qualifying event will automatically qualify for the Grand Final in January 2014.

If your full handicap changes during the qualifying season and you switch between Cat 2 and 3 you will also switch flights mid season. Your existing rounds and Order of Merit points will still count towards you position.

I’m a Lady, can I play

Absolutely. The Gtour has always been about “every golfer”. We will be using mixed competition rules throughout the 2013 tournament which means that female golfers will play from the ladies tees and receive courtesy shots where appropriate. There will not be a seperate leaderboard for ladies but you will fight it out with the men in your respective flight (Eagle for Cat 1 & 2 golfers and Birdie for Cat 3 & 4 golfers)

What is the UK Semi Final format?

The UK semi Final will be a mixed stableford comp using the congu rules for mixed competitions

The UK semi Final at De Vere Belton Woods in November 2013 will be 2 stableford competitions played over 2 days and played off 3/4 handicaps. All players will start with zero points at the beginning of the 2 competitions and points will be awarded after each of the 2 rounds as per the Order of Merit system (please see below). Handicap adjustments will be made as required after the first day and used for the second days proceedings.

The top 5 in each flight after the 2 rounds plus our 2013 flights winners will be invited to attend the Gtour grand final at Aphrodite Hills Resort Cyprus in January 2014.

If due to factors outside of our control it is not possible to play 2 full rounds of golf, results from the 1st complete round will be used for qualifying. If no complete rounds of golf are played we will use the 2013 qualifying rounds as per the Order of Merit (best three rounds)

What is the Gtour Grand Final format?

The format for the Gtour Grand Final is as per the format for the UK semi Final Except that it will be played off full Handicaps and off the back tees. At this stage it will become a mixed comp with no flights.

The 2013 Grand Final includes Accommodation and breakfast plus golf and buggies. It does not include flights, travel insurance or transfers to and from your airport of choice.

How do I enter / book?

Firstly you will need a  Gtour account (provided by europe,s largest on-line handicap tracking service golfscoretracker). These accounts are provided FREE and can be obtained by signing up through our website. Once you have this account you will be able to log in and access the Gtour site and register for events. If you do not already have a Golfscoretracker account one will be created during the sign up process.

You may already have one of these accounts is you use or the Todays Golfer handicap trackers

I have friends and family that play golf, can they take part?

Yes of course just ask them to register for their own account making them eligible to take part.

Do I need an official club handicap?

No, you will not need an official club handicap. As long as you have entered three recent rounds (within 3 months of the start of the tour) into your Golfscoretracker account your handicap will be calculated for you.

Can I use my official club handicap?

Yes, assuming you can provide valid proof of your club handicap. Failure to provide a Handicap certificate on the day will mean that you will play off scratch (zero) on the day. Unfortunately adjustments cannot be made after the event so we urge you to remember to bring your certificate with you.

I have a Club handicap and a Golfscoretracker handicap, which one should I use?

Whichever is the lowest. It is the responsibility for all golfscoretracker members to keep their accounts up to date with all their rounds of golf and to maintain a true playing handicap. Should a players club handicap dip below the figure recorded on your gtour account it is the players responsibility to bring this to the attention of the Gtour staff before the round commences. Failure to do so, will if discovered result in the loss of order of merit points obtained during that round and a yellow card being issued to the player. Any further transgressions of The Gtour rules during the 2013 season will result in a red card and disqualification from the Race to Cyprus

How good do I need to be?

Gtour is aimed at amateur golfers and as such is available to any players that can demonstrate the ability to play within the maximum allowable handicap of 28 or 36 for ladies and are aware of the basic rules and etiquette when playing golf.

Due to the quality of the courses and for the enjoyment of others, Gtour is not a tournament for the beginner golfer or any player who does not understand the rules or correct golf manners when playing.

Please see details on our 2 competitive flights for Cat 1 & 2 and Cat 3 & 4 golfers

Are there any specific rules for speed of play?

Yes, in order to provide an enjoyable event for everybody we have to strictly manage the speed of play. We do not tolerate slow play!!

We will enforce this policy and penalize any group that is “out of position”. The following is the guidelines for “out of position” and penalties:

1. Any group is considered “out of position” if one of the following occurs:

  • Arrive at the 1st tee later than 10 mins before your alloted time for the 1st tee
  • Exceed the allotted time to play
  • Reach the teeing ground on a par 3 and the group in front has already tee’d off the following hole.
  • Reach the teeing ground on a par 4 and the group in front has already vacated the green.
  • Reach the teeing ground on a par 5 and the group in front is already on the green.

2. The group in question will be given a warning ONE TIME!

3. If the group has been warned and is still “out of position” after 2 holes each member of the group will receive a 2 stroke penalty.

4. Repeat offenders will be disqualified for the sake of all other players.

Tips for maintaining pace of play

  1. Hit a provisional ball if the ball goes in an area that may be out of bounds or lost.
  2. Carry additional clubs when searching for a lost ball.
  3. When walking to your ball to hit your next shot, carry one more and one less club with you.
  4. Play “Ready Golf”. Ready Golf is defined by playing your shot before helping other players search for a possible lost ball.
  5. The Gtour is a stableford comp played of 3/4 handicaps, if on any hole you are unable to score then you must pick up your ball.
  6. Do not worry about “The Honour” off the tee. If one of your group has the honour and is waiting for the green to clear and you are laying up, play out of order. The competition is not matchplay and is not  just within your 4 ball so the honour is less relevant.

How many rounds do I need play?

You are invited to take part in as many or as few events as you please. The Race to Cyprus Order of merit award will be based on each players best three rounds over the year so anybody who takes part in three or more events will be eligible. It is not however compulsory to play three events if you just want to take part in one or two events over the year and enjoy the company and fellowship of other golfers you are more than welcome however you cannot qualify for the UK semi final with less than 3 rounds.

How does the order of merit work?

The points system for the 2010 Order of Merit will use a weighted system based on finishing position and attendees.

Places 1 – 10

((100 – (position x 5)) x (attendees + 20)

Places 11+

((60 – (position)) x (attendees + 20)

Places 60+

negative points

Can I use a range finder device?

Yes we allow Rangefinders and other Electronic Distance Measuring Devices such as SkyCaddie or mobile phone apps, as long as the phone is not used on the course for making or receiving calls and it does not cause slow play. Note that such devices can only measure yardage (not wind speed or green slope gradient).

Do you play off Whites or Yellows?

Currently all events (except the final) on the Gtour are played off the Yellow tees, this is for 2 reasons. Firstly the Gtour participants come from the entire handicap range and secondly because the Gtour attracts a lot of players per event, all of which would like to get around 18 holes in a reasonable time.

Can I bring a Caddie?

Yes, as long as caddies respects all of the other items highlighted on this page and does not disrespect or distract other golfers. Please contact us separately if you would like refreshments inc for your caddie.

What is golfscoretracker?

Golfscoretracker host and manage online golf communities and essential golf services for customers worldwide, putting them in contact with other golfers. The golf services provided by Golfscoretracker includes; Online golf handicaps and score tracking, Golf group & society management for group organisers and much more.